City Of The Weak debut “Censor This” music video


Alternative trio City Of The Weak have a new music video out for their single “Censor This”. The track was produced by Chiodos frontman Craig Owens and will be appearing on the group’s forthcoming record (more details on that to come). Vocalist Stef w/ an F Huschka said of working with Owens:

Craig helped us take this song from 8 to 10. He guided us in making the heavy parts hit harder and encouraged the unapologetic lyrics to be even sassier.”

Regarding the song itself, she continues:

“One day, we literally just said ‘Fuck it. Let’s just do what we want to do. Fuck everyone else.’ We started this band because we wanted to have a voice that mattered. We wanted to be able to speak to people from the heart, and empower them to live their lives how they want. So we decided to practice what we preach and we spoke from the heart. A couple days later, we had a whole song completely written. We had never been more excited about a song, and it felt great.”

“Censor This” is available now digitally on iTunes.