Circles stream new song “Tether”

Band: Circles
Song: “Tether”
Album: The Last One
Release Date: August 31st, 2018
Label: Wild Thing Records, Season Of Mist

Vocalist Ben Rechter said:

‘Tether’ is the first song that I brought into Circles, not knowing if it was what they’d be after, because it’s not quite the vibe that Circles has been known for. But they all embraced it, and helped me get it to where it needed to be.The song is essentially about confronting the parts of your own psyche that are holding you back. There’s always people that can help you not only to survive, but to succeed in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible, but you need to be willing to take that terrifying but necessary step. It’s as much a song written to myself as a reminder as from me to anyone else feeling trapped. We started playing it live on our last tour, it feels really good in the set and is a nice change of pace in amongst the mayhem!”


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  • The Last One track listing:

    1. “Winter”
    2. “Breaker”
    3. “The Messenger”
    4. “Arrival”
    5. “Tether”
    6. “Resolution”
    7. “Dream Sequence”
    8. “Renegade”
    9. “Blueprints for a Great Escape”
    10. “Alone With Ghosts”