Chimaira is down to Mark Hunter again

In the wake of Emil Werstler’s departure, the rest of the members of Chimaira, guitarist Matt Szlachta, keyboardist/vocalist Sean Zatorsky, bassist Jeremy Creamer and drummer Austin D’Amond, have left the group as well. The members issued the following statement:

“In light of recent news, the rest of the band have decided to part ways with Chimaira. For us this was a great stepping stone, and an honor to play these songs live, and fulfill an incredible legacy. This was an an excellent platform to help continue playing music, when our collective bands either ended or went on a hiatus. Chimaira was an amazing experience and we look forward to future music endeavors with eachother.”

This leaves Mark Hunter the sole member of the band which he founded in 1998 with guitarist Jason Hager.