Check Out Abysmal Dawn’s cover of Dissection’s “Night’s Blood”

Abysmal Dawn’s latest offering Obsolescence included a cover of Dissection’s”Night’s Blood”. The track has made it’s premiere over at Decibel but you can also stream it above. Guitarist/vocalist Charles Elliott commented on how the band decided to cover the track saying:

Scott [Fuller, drums] and I were sitting around in-between tracking drums for our new album Obsolescence and throwing ideas back and forth about songs we should cover. Amidst the smoke and beer bottles was the Dissection Live in Stockholm DVD playing in the background. That’s when lightning struck and Scott had the brilliant idea to cover ‘Night’s Blood’.

I for one was really happy to cover a Dissection track because their music meant so much to me when I was growing up. I must have listened to Storm of the Light’s Bane a million times, just sitting in the dark with headphones on when I was younger (fucking moody teenager, I know). The vibe on that record is just pure evil, and the production captures their cold atmospheric sound perfectly.

I was also glad to do something slightly out of the confines of what we’d normally do and to make it our own. We could have covered a Death song for example but people probably would expect that of us a bit more. It strangely works really well within the context of our album I feel too.

“It was a last minute decision but the whole band did their homework and it turned out awesome in the end. We tried to maintain the essence of the track while maybe making it a bit faster and heavier, and I think we succeeded. It still gives me chills and great childhood memories whenever I listen to it. Enjoy!”