Cerberus issue video for new single “Last Dance”

Band: Cerberus
Song: “Last Dance”
Album: FIRE!
Release Date: July 12th, 2019

Frontman Paul Wrath said of the new track:

“5 years have passed since our debut album Otura Ka was released and we haven’t written a ballad since then… so for this album we decided to make it right and we added two ballads to the table! This one has more of a southern vibe, but it was always a side we wanted to explore and we’re really happy the way it turned out.”

Regarding the record, Wrath previously said:

“This album means a lot to us, our original drummer got back in the band but at the same time our rhythm guitar player quitted, so we had mixed feelings throughout the recording, still we’re super proud the way it came out, we had the opportunity to work with people we’ve always admired so much! So that was definitely a dream came true. We knew we needed the best team for working on the best music we’ve done so far, so we knew we needed to be the best performers we could as well, so we putted our 110% in every aspect of the recording of this album for it to be the best we could deliver.”

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FIRE! track listing:

  1. “The Ending”
  2. “Off Limits”
  3. “Lust For Blood”
  4. “Jaeger”
  5. “Self Made Hell”
  6. “Last Dance”
  7. “Saint Pride”
  8. “I’m Fire”
  9. “Huntress”
  10. “Rise With The Fallen Ones”
  11. “Tekilla”
  12. “Forever”