Century Media releasing reissues of In Flames’ early work

As if In Flames didn’t have enough reissues as it is Century Media will be reissuing the following efforts by the Gothenburg melodic metallers, due out October 13th overseas.

Reissued on CD only

Lunar Strain will include the following bonus content:

“In Flames” (1993 Promo Version)
“Upon An Oaken Throne” (1993 Promo Version)
“Clad in Shadows” (1993 Promo Version)

Subterranean will have the following additional tracks:

“Dead Eternity“
“The Inborn Lifeless“
“Eye Of The Beholder” (Metallica cover)
“Murders In The Rue Morgue” (Iron Maiden cover)

Reissued on CD and Vinyl

The Jester Race the CD version will include the following bonuses:

“Goliaths Disarm Their David“
“Acoustic Medley (instrumental)“
“Behind Space” (live)
“Moonshield” (live)
“Artifacts Of The Black Rain” (live)
“Moonshield” (C64 Karaoke Version)

Whoracle the CD version will have 2 bonus live tracks

“Jotun” (live)
“Food For The Gods” (live)