Cave Bastard issue full-album stream of new effort The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth

Band: Cave Bastard
Album: The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
Label: Accident Prone Records

The band offered:

“We’re stoked to have the album released through a prestigious label such as Accident Prone Records, and to have our first album to be added to the repertoire of legendary engine-ear, Billy Anderson. The art of Varises Otak truly represents our vision of The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth and matches the sound we were able to obtain with this recording. This album is the first chapter in the story of Cave Bastard, with each song having its own inspiration and meaning. However, they all have their proper places in tying that story together, and we welcome the listener to experience that vision… if they’re prepared for the void!”


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