Caspian streaming new song “Castles High, Marble Bright”

Instrumentalist sextet Caspian have released a video/short film for their new single “Castles High, Marble Bright”, check it out below via Consequence Of Sound. Guitarist said of it:

“The time has finally come to introduce you to some new Caspian music. ‘Castles High, Marble Bright’ was conceived, written and recorded alongside the collection of songs that would become Dust and Disquiet, an album that we hoped spoke to the dialogue between a newly found, furrow browed melancholy and the fractured but unbroken sense of stubbornly epic, dramatically determined optimism that we’ve been trying to emulate with our music for 12 years. Hopefully we captured a bit of both. Looking back it feels like we captured the former, but ‘Castles…’ speaks exclusively and entirely to the latter. With the end of this album cycle vaguely coming into sight, ‘Castles High, Marble Bright’ is now our North Star, our way home, and our celebration of the decision to fully embrace the above dialogue head on together and see what comes. To the six of us, it’s an ode to adventure and all we hope is that it compliments or inspires one inside of you. Speaking of adventure, we brought our friend Ryan Mackfall (Live at the Larcom) along with us on our recent European tour last August to capture the experience visually. Ryan has produced an absolutely gorgeous, powerful, truly epic portrait of what the tour felt like. We are thrilled to premiere ‘Castles High, Marble Bright’ alongside this short film.”

“Castles High, Marble Bright” is available as a limited edition pressing of 1,000 on 8″ vinyl – and digital download – along with a B-side track titled “127 North”. The latter can be heard through the embedded Bandcamp player. Jamieson describes the B-side as…

“the sound of 6 guys playing in a room together on a Friday afternoon, and is in some ways the least ambitious thing we’ve ever committed to tape. Free from the grip of over arrangement, overdubs, click tracks, excessive chin stroking and the like, ‘127 North’ is what a Caspian song sometimes sounds like in its infancy.”

The 8″ vinyl can be purchased here, while digital copies can be picked up on iTunes or the aforementioned Bandcamp player.

Caspian begin their fall North American tour with The Appleseed Cast today. Get the full list of dates here.