Carousel Kings join Victory Records roster; announce new album Charm City


Official press release:

Victory Records welcomes Carousel Kings to their roster. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania band has anchored their name as one of the most ambitious and creative pop/rock/punk machines in recent years. Today, long-time supporter Alternative Press brings you the video for “Bad Habit”, from the full length Charm City which hits earth on February 10th, 2017.

Singer David Alexander said of the signing:

“Signing with Victory is an amazing accomplishment for us. We’ve grown up listening to Victory bands, and we have friends that are on the label. Signing with them has just made us feel really valued and wanted. After meeting the whole crew, we definitely feel the mutual respect and look forward to doing great things with Victory!”

Carousel Kings was founded by Alexander in 2008, and it was a couple of years until this group of friends started to really focus on the band as a nationally touring act. The band released their debut album A Slice of Heaven on CI Records in 2012, followed by an EP Road Warrior later that year. A couple other EPs and singles followed on CI, and their tenure with the label culminated in the release of the highly celebrated second full-length album Unity in 2014. Soon thereafter, the Carousel Kings were truly united with the permanent addition of bassist Cody Williams and New Jersey natives Will Barovick on guitar and Danny Wilkins on drums.

When Carousel Kings were thinking of a title for album number three, they wanted to find a name that was tranquil, yet matches their glossy pop melodies and arena-sized hooks. Charm City is about that dream place, a trippy world shared by all, yet unique to the individual. Alexander says:

“This is the place where I go in my dreams. I want to connect the listener to my ‘Charm City’, and realize that they too can envision and live in their own ‘Charm City’ whenever they want to.”

He explains of the video:

“In the video, ‘Bad Habit’ is conveyed as a mid-life crisis. It’s about realizing your mistakes and that you’re the only one in control of your destiny, so make it count. Here, a guy loves his car and is persuaded by his girlfriend to sell it. Deep in regret, he impulsively decides to steal it back. Do what you do for yourself, and not what you think will make someone else happy.”

The concept behind the artwork was envisioned by famed visual designer Archan Nair, known for his collaborations with Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan. On the album cover, Alexander states:

“The idea is a floating emerald city meets Neverland meets an Atlantis type place. A place you always have the urge to go back to because as beautiful as it is, the mystery is forever and it’s an everlasting escape. There is only one road to the city, and it’s in YOU.”

Charm City will be available everywhere February 10th, 2017. Pre-orders are available at Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify,, and include an instant download of “Bad Habit”.

Charm City track listing:

1. “Grey Goose”
2. “Glory Daze”
3. “Here, Now, Forever”
4. “Bad Habit”
5. “Something Isn’t Right”
6. “Hate Me, Love Me”
7. “Charm City”
8. “Dynamite”
9. “Unconditionally”
10. “Fractals”
11. “Punch Drunk”
12. “Fool’s Gold”
13. “You Never Will”


The first run of dates have been released as Carousel Kings will be on the road in support of Charm City throughout 2017.

12/08 – Baltimore, MD | The Raven
12/09 – Vineland, NJ | The Oak Tavern
12/11 – Brooklyn, NY | Gold Sounds
12/12 – Manchester, NH | Jewel
12/13 – Salem, MA | Koto
12/15 – Detroit, MI | The Ritz
12/17 – Berwyn, IL | Wire