Capture premiere video for new single “Dingbats”

Capture – formerly Capture The Crown, read more about that here – have debuted an official video for their new second single “Dingbats”. Regarding the new name and lineup changes, the band issued the following statement:

“We feel it is within the best interest of the band, former members, music, progression and future of this project that we wipe the slate clean and take a fresh new approach through the likes of a slight name change and direction. Along with the name change, we will be releasing new material showcasing our new transitional sound and the direction we will now strive towards.”

“Dingbats”, and previous single “Lost Control”, are now available digitally on iTunes. Additionally, the group have been forced to cancel their upcoming headlining tour, The Social Suicide Tour due to changes in visa compliance. An excerpt from a statement posted to the band’s Facebook reads:

“…it is to our misfortune that we must announce that the upcoming Social Suicide headline tour will be cancelled due to recent changes in visa compliances within the US government, and ultimately things that are out of our control. Although we will eventually obtain this visa, we have tried everything within our power to get into the USA for this tour.

Unfortunately, certain obligations and legalities associated with getting a visa have not allowed us to obtain this in time. We sincerely apologize and promise that we will make it up to you all. All tickets will be refunded through point of purchase. Please keep an eye on the band’s socials for more updates…”

Capture is:

Jeffrey Wellfare – vocals
Alex Maggard – guitar
Robert Weston – bass
Manny The Drummer – drums