Captain Crimson – “Black Rose” stream


Swedish blues rockers Captain Crimson have unleashed a new track titled “Black Rose”. The group issued the following of the song:

‘Black Rose’ was the first song that got written and started the whole process of making Remind. It’s one of the heavier tracks on the record, and it has a good mix of influences from rock, blues, and metal back in the ’70s and more recent acts like Witchcraft and Radio Moscow. With an overdriven and crushing bass groove, blistering guitar solo, heavy but energetic drums, and bluesy vocals, we think that ‘Black Rose’ really shows where the direction of our new album is going!”

Small Stone Recordings will have their new full-length,Remind, in stores on October 14th. Pre-order it now on CD, limited vinyl, and digital download at the label’s Bandcamp.

Remind track listing:

1. “Ghost Town”
2. “Bells From The Underground”
3. “Love Street”
4. “Black Rose”
5. “Money”
6. “Drifting”
7. “Remind”
8. “Let Her Go”
9. “Alone”
10. “Senseless Mind”


[via Sludgelord]