Cane Hill announce new record Too Far Gone, debut video for new track “Lord Of Flies”

Band: Cane Hill
Song: “Lord Of Flies”
Album: Too Far Gone
Release Date: January 19th, 2017
Label: Rise Records

The group said of the record:

“We’re excited to announce the release of our new album, Too Far Gone. This is a piece of work that means a lot to us — it’s the culmination of our own experiences, the pain, the anger, and the hurt. These are our stories.”

Frontman Elijah Witt said of the single:

“‘Lord of Flies’ is just about trusting the wrong person because you want to believe they’re something they’re not — whether the person convinced you or you were just too dumb to see it. It’s a mistake I’ve made over and over again, though I learned quickly, I can’t trust many.”


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  • Too Far Gone track listing:

    1. “Too Far Gone”
    2. “Lord of Flies”
    3. “Singing In the Swamp”
    4. “Erased”
    5. “Why?”
    6. “It Follows”
    7. “Scumbag”
    8. “Hateful”
    9. “10 ¢”
    10. “The End”