Buckshot Facelift announce new album Ulcer Island; premiere first single “Ascend To Descend”

Official press release:

New York-based powerviolence/death metal/grindcore veterans Buckshot Facelift recently announced their upcoming fourth full-length, Ulcer Island, which will be released through Paragon Records on April 14th. The band has cultivated a strong following over the years since their inception in 2004. Due in part to their eclectic and hard to pigeonhole sound that continues to mutate and change with each new release. The band partnered with Toilet Ov Hell to drop “Ascend To Descend”, the first single from Ulcer Island to air so far.

You can check out “Ascend To Descend” here:

Pre-orders for Ulcer Island are now available through the Buckshot Facelift Bandcamp page here.

Ulcer Island track listing:

1. “Ulcer Island”
2. “Czech Yourself”
3. “Afterbirth Puzzle 2016”
4. “Ascend To Descend”
5. “Burn The Baby Raper”
6. “OxyDocs”
7. “Sundress Skeletor”
8. “Comptroller Cult”
9. “What Does Fergus Dream Of?”
10. “Hell Eats Repetition (Goodbye)”
11. “Don’t Hang From The Pipes”
12. “Weathered Mask Of Autumn (Unearthing The Armless)”
13. “Delusions Of A New Age”
14. “Dustification” (End Times version)
15. “A Trophy Cup Intoxicant”

Buckshot Facelift is:

Will Smith (Artificial Brain, Afterbirth) – “The Voice”
Tom Anderer (Grey Skies Fallen) – Bass, Baritone Guitar, Vocals
Sal Gregory (Grey Skies Fallen) – Drums
Rick Habeeb (Grey Skies Fallen) – Guitar, Vocals
Terrell Grannum (Thaetas) – Guitar, Vocals