Broadside streaming new song “Laps Around A Picture Frame”

Another Broadside track titled “Laps Around A Picture Frame” is now streaming online; listen below. Guitarist Dorian Cooke, who takes on lead vocals for the song, said of it:

“We wanted to capture two completely different humans having the exact same mental breakdown. We wrote the music, lyrics, and arrangement around a panic attack in a crowded environment. Even the name is an exercise for panic attacks taught to me by a therapist. The persona I represent is of someone that’s on the higher end of the social spectrum – someone popular and beautiful on the outside, but has that constant struggle internally.”

On his role, frontman Ollie Baxxter adds:

“I portray a young female persona shaped by the harshness of her environment, which is a story shared with me by a close friend whenever she is in a public setting. I know it’s something much more common than people tend to show.”

The group’s new record Paradise drops this Friday, June 16th on Victory Records. Physical and digital pre-orders are available here.

[via Substream Magazine]