Bring Me The Horizon live DVD/CD on it’s way

Bring Me The Horizon have filmed their Friday, December 5th performance at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London to put out as a new live DVD/CD. The event will be packaged as a 2CD/1DVD release that is expected for release in March; pre-orders are currently available and can be purchased here. People that attended the show have reported that the set list during the performance ran as follows:

1 – “Shadow Moses”
2 – “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake”
3 – “The House Of Wolves”
4 – “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”
5 – “It Never Ends”
6 – “And The Snakes Start To Sing”
7 – “Alligator Blood”
8 – “Empire (Let Them Sing)”
9 – “Chelsea Smile”
10 – “Pray For Plagues” (feat. ex-guitarist Curtis Ward)
11 – “Blessed With A Curse”
12 – “Antivist”
13 – “Sleepwalking”

14 – “Hospital For Souls”
15 – “Drown”
16 – “Can You Feel My Heart”