Brand Of Sacrifice sign with Unique Leader Records; debut EP The Interstice coming in November

Official press release:

Unique Leader Records have officially signed Toronto/New York-based brutal death metal/hardcore group Brand Of Sacrifice to their ever growing roster. The label will release the group’s relentlessly brutal debut EP, The Interstice on November 9th, with the release available to hear now on all digital platforms.

Formed February 2018, frontman Kyle Anderson describes the project as such:

Brand Of Sacrifice was born from a thirst for an uncompromisingly crushing, modern take on the classic death metal/hardcore formula. This is achieved by utilizing a number of influences from several musical genres, aside from extreme metal. Moreover, Brand Of Sacrifice incorporates a choir and an ensemble of ancient instruments from past centuries such as the sitar, harp, lyre and many others. The band draws its name from the popular manga called Berserk by Kentaro Miura.”

Although the band is new the music on The Interstice shows a fully developed song writing maturity formed through years of playing with their past bands – The Afterimage and Ascariasis.

Full of devastating sonic violence and monstrous brutality the 5 song effort proves that in a short time Brand Of Sacrifice are set to be a force to be reckoned with in extreme metal.

The group said of the effort:

The Interstice offers the listener a journey through an abyssal sphere of sonic tyranny. Thematically, this extended play is brought to life with artwork illustrated by Mark Cooper (Rings Of Saturn). Between several passages on this extended play, we are offered a glimpse of hope from the ethereal orchestral arrangements. Enter The Interstice and witness the terror that lies within.”

Physical pre-order bundles for The Interstice are available through IndieMerch, digital pre-order bundles are available via Bandcamp, and UK/EU physical pre-orders are available at the label’s Impericon store.