Boss Keloid release video for new single “Chronosiam”

Band: Boss Keloid
Song: “Chronosiam”
Album: Melted On The Inch
Release Date: April 27th, 2018
Label: Holy Roar Records

The band said of it:

“The theme of ‘Chronosiam’ is about personal endeavour outside of the comfort zone and having the courage to fulfil those paths in life that you wouldn’t normally take. It’s the realisation that there are no barriers holding you back but negative influences constraining you, and that you can embrace your true self to the fullest. Embrace life and don’t be afraid to create.”


  • Deathwish Inc. (US)
  • Holy Roar webstore (UK/EU)
  • Bandcamp
  • Melted On The Inch track listing:

    1. “Chronosiam”
    2. “Tarku Shavel”
    3. “Peykruve”
    4. “Jromalih”
    5. “Lokannok”
    6. “Griffonbrass”

    [via Metal Hammer]