Boris The Blade issue full-album stream of new record Warpath

Boris The Blade are streaming their new album, Warpath, in its entirety prior to its release this Friday, January 27th on Siege Music. Copies are available for pre-order via Impericon (U.K./EU), Merch Connection (U.S.), Artist First (AU), and Bandcamp.

Warpath track listing:

1. “Warpath”
2. “Backstabber”
3. “Misery”
(feat. CJ McMahon)
4. “Nihilist”
5. “Omens”
(feat. Scott Lewis)
6. “Paralysed”
7. “Thorns”
8. “Devastator”
9. “ELixir”
(feat. Tim Goergen)
10. “Solace”