Borderlands stream new full-length Voice Of The Voiceless

Progressive metalcore outfit Borderlands self-released their debut record Voice Of The Voiceless this past Friday. The effort is streaming in its entirety and can be heard below. Frontman Rui Martins says of the album:

“This is an album written with the heart, for people to feel it with the heart. Voice Of The Voiceless is a journey and I have felt that since I joined the band. With this record we hope to reach more people and more fans. We want to reach out to the world and even then, it will not be enough!”

Copies of Voice Of The Voiceless can be picked up through Bandcamp and Big Cartel.

Voice Of The Voiceless track listing:

1. “Continuum”
2. “Children Of The Storm”
3. “Release Yourself”
4. “Lineage”
5. “Limitless”
6. “Essencia”
7. “Voice Of The Voiceless”
8. “The Curse”
9. “Children Of The Sun”

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