Bloodbath vinyl reissues arrive this November

Bloodbath have announced that Century Media will be reissuing the band’s first three efforts as limited vinyl releases. Breeding Death, Resurrection Through Carnage, and Nightmares Made Flesh will be made available on November 19, the same day as their latest slab of old school death metal, Grand Morbid Funeral. Pre-orders for the reissues can be made here for U.S. customers, and here for European customers.

The records will be pressed in black and colored vinyl. Below is the breakdown of the number of copies and colors available for each offering:

Breeding Death (w/ bonus tracks) – 12″ MLP containing the original 3-track EP on Side A and 2 demo versions on Side B

    Black – 500 copies
    Solid Red – 200 copies (European exclusive)
    Silver – 300 copies (USA exclusive)

Resurrection Through Carnage

    Black – 500 copies
    Silver – 200 copies (European exclusive)
    Transparent Blue – 300 copies (USA exclusive)

Nightmares Made Flesh

    Black – 500 copies
    Gold – 200 copies (European exclusive)
    Transparent Red – 300 copies (USA exclusive)