Bloodbath stream new track “Unite in Pain”

Bloodbath have premiered a new track from their upcoming album Grand Morbid Funeral. The song is called “Unite In Pain” and not only is it the first sample we get of the new record, it is also the first sample of new vocalist Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) work with the band. I, for one, like it. It’s a solid old school death metal track and the vocals fit in well. There’s a part in the beginning that feels a little off to me but overall I’m digging it. Grand Morbid Funeral will be out November 17 through Peaceville, the track listing is also available.

Grand Morbid Funeral track listing

1. Let The Stillborn Come To Me
2. Total Death Exhumed
3. Anne
4. Church Of Vastitas
5. Famine Of God`s Word
6. Mental Abortion
7. Beyond Cremation
8. His Infernal Necropsy
9. Unite In Pain
10. My Torturer