Black Moth issue video for “Pig Man”

Band: Black Moth
Song: “Pig Man”
Album: Anatomical Venus
Release Date: March 2nd, 2018
Label: Tanglade Ltd., Candlelight Records

Frontwoman Harriet Hyde said of the song:

“In my endless fascination with human sexuality I came across a brilliant book called Perv by Jesse Bering which celebrates how we’re all sexual deviants in our own unique and colourful ways. In reading it, however, one particular story stood out for its horror and absurdity.

Most people know of the atrocities committed towards women in 17th century New England in the Salem Witch Hunts. Deranged rumours circulated that they cut off men’s penises, bewitched them and kept them as pets! To this day women are ‘slut shamed’ and outcast for posessing their own innate power and sexuality.

A lesser known story is that of the ‘Pig-man’ hunts that obsessed the congregations of New Haven. The poor dears in their infinite repression managed to convince themselves that certain men were secretly in league with the Devil to impregnate barnyard animals. The offspring would be Satan’s children walking the earth wreaking destruction in their orderly Christian society. It seems the arrival of a deformed pig foetus was enough to incriminate the farmhand for ‘buggery’ and lead to his brutal execution. In a sick, paranoid society, no one is safe.”


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