Bhavachakra sign with Translation Loss Records, announce self-titled debut

Bhavachakra 1

Official press release:

Translation Loss Records has announced the signing of the ambitious death/black metal band, Bhavachakra. The Floridian quartet will release their eponymous album via the label on September 23rd.

The word “Bhavachakra” itself coming from eastern theology; the name is given to the depiction of a large demon holding a wheel, which represents each of the different realms of rebirth one may find themselves in, depending on their karma in the cycle of life. It is these very concepts and lyrical themes the band employs on their crushing debut full-length.

Bhavachakra are streaming a track off of their self-titled debut. The track titled “Kali Yuga” is available now at the official Bhavachakra Bandcamp page:

Bhavachakra track listing:

1. “Intro”
2. “Sri Yantra”
3. “Oceans Of Existence”
4. “The Burden Of Attachment”
5. “Prelude”
6. “Sybaritic Apparitions”
7. “Rivers Of Transmigration”
8. “The Diadem Of Thought”
9. “Untitled”
10. “Avalokiteśvara”
11. “Kali Yuga”

Bhavachakra 2