Besvärjelsen debut “Under En Svart Himmel” video

Band: Besvärjelsen
Song: “Under En Svart Himmel”
Album: Vallmo
Release Date: Suicide Records

The group comments:

“It was the last song that was written for Vallmo. We had discussed that we needed one more song for the album and luckily Andreas had been sitting on this one for a while. He had almost the whole song ready, both guitars and vocals. So the rest of the band just added some spices. Like Lea’s vocals, the small guitar flourishes on the second verse, and the drum beat on the second part of the verses which came to be after listening to The Doors on the car stereo. The vibe was inspired by the song ‘Vintersaga’ (‘a winter’s tale’) performed by the Swedish singer Monica Törnell. The lyrics can be interpreted in many ways but the main theme was the metamorphosis that takes place after a forest fire. In particularly the great forest fire that swept over middle of Sweden in 2014 came to mind. The video was shot the morning of February 17th in Andreas’ home village of Nås, and edited in the afternoon by Erik Bäckwall.”


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