Barren Womb release music video for “Only Rain Man Doesn’t Change”

In true grind fashion this post will literally take around a minute or so of your time. Barren Womb have released what could possibly be the shortest music video for their track “Only Rain Man Doesn’t Change”. Frontman Tony Gonzahl commented saying:

“Play fast or don’t! ‘Only Rain Man doesn’t change’ is the shortest, nastiest song off our latest album, so we compiled this grimey, fast paced clip for it. The footage is mostly shot on our first few tours playing squats and dives around Europe.”

The album off which the track is taken is titled The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken was released on Spartan Records and is available for purchase here. If you’re not sold on this track alone, some more songs to potentially convince you, followed by the track listing for the album.

The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken track listing:

Kill Hicks
Will you be God’s art or Satan’s graffiti
Evil prevails
Only Rain Man doesn’t change
Obi-Wan Chernobyl
From robot jobs to robot homes
Live fast, die.
Bong Aqua
Zombies never go out of style
Assmasters of reality
Nexus Diplomis
Segway to heaven
Will you be God’s art or Satan’s graffiti (Tryne dett Remix) (Bonus Track)