Barren Earth streaming video for new track “The Ruby”

Band: Barren Earth
Song: “The Ruby”
Directed by: Vesa Ranta
Album: A Complex Of Cages
Release Date: March 30th, 2018
Label: Century Media Records

Vocalist Jón Aldará said of the track:

“This song concerns the inability to feel empathy for others or to care about the effects of one’s actions. It is seen through the mind of a person who is locked inside that isolating condition, while still wishing to fit into society and connect with others. In this instance, the ruby is a metaphor for an unliving, impenetrable heart. With the video, Vesa has tried to capture a quite simplistic, closed-in feeling to represent the concept of the song, but at the same time used the classic ‘band playing’ format, since this the closest thing to a straightforward rocker that Barren Earth has ever made.”