Axis Of Despair to release Contempt For Man, premiere lead single “A Life Of Ceaseless Grind”

Photo by: Pia Gyllin

Official press release:

Sweden’s Axis Of Despair – featuring current and former members of Nasum, Coldworker, Infanticide, Volturyon, Livet Som Insats, Nervgift, and Overtorture – is preparing to release their debut full-length, Contempt For Man, via Southern Lord on July 27th.

Axis Of Despair’s Contempt For Man propels with twenty super-charged, raging songs, clocking in around the half-hour mark – short enough to retain attention, and long enough to serve a good taste of the bands particular brand of European grindcore.

Listen to an advance track from Axis Of Despair’s Contempt For Man with “A Life Of Ceaseless Grind” streaming below. Preorders are live at Bandcamp.

Axis Of Despair will perform at Obscene Extreme 2018 in Czech Republic on July 19th. Watch for additional audio samples and further updates about the album to follow.

Contempt For Man track listing:

1. “Värdelös”
2. “Demons and Angels”
3. “Pawn Sacrifice”
4. “The Wolven Law”
5. “Lockdown”
6. “The Punishment Begins”
7. “The Noose Tightens”
8. “Det Går Aldrig”
9. “Crush the Empire”
10. “Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike”
11. “A Life of Ceaseless Grind”
12. “Streams of Sludge”
13. “Into the Hard Earth”
14. “The Pain Maze”
15. “Vile Behaviour”
16. “Defea”
17. “Dull Dead Future”
18. “To Smite”
19. “A Brutal Truth”
20. “Flytande Död”

Axis Of Despair is:

Joel Fornbrant – vocals
Kristofer Jankarls – guitar
Oskar Pålsson – bass
Anders Jakobson – drums