Avatar release “New Land” music video

Avatar have debuted the music video for their track “New Land”. Guitarist Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby comments:

“The ‘new land’ mission will focus primarily on finding life and sustainable living conditions. Secondly we will look for harvestable resources such as various types of metal, lead, copper, zinc, thrash, death… that sort of thing. How do I turn this off? I’m thirsty! Where is my mead? And where are your pants? Wait, is this thing still recording?!

The mission will be aired LIVE on Avatar Country state television, KTV (Kungliga Television). For people abroad, unable to watch the event as it is happening, a summary can be seen above on AvatarVEVO today. Glory to Avatar Country! Glory to our King!”

The track appears on their latest offering Feathers & Flesh (eOne Music). Catch the band on the Half God Half Devil Tour this spring supporting In This Moment.