Augury streaming new track “Mater Dolorosa”

Band: Augury
Song: “Mater Dolorosa”
Album: Illusive Golden Age
Recorded at: The Grid Studios
Produced by: Chris Donaldson
Artwork by: Filip Ivanović
Release Date: March 30th, 2018
Label: The Artisan Era

Augury had the following to say about Illusive Golden Age:

“We’re proud to present you Illusive Golden Age, our new album, which makes the connection musically and lyrically with Concealed and Fragmentary Evidence. It took us quite a long time to concretize so we’re eager to see people’s reaction to our new music. Illusive Golden Age is a poetic tale about the recurrence of downfall and a glance at some factors that bring down societies, influenced by lost civilizations and their enigmas.”


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  • Illusive Golden Age track listing:

    1. “Illusive Golden Age”
    2. “The Living Vault”
    3. “Carrion Tide”
    4. “Mater Dolorosa”
    5. “Maritime”
    6. “Message Sonore”
    7. “Parallel Biospheres”
    8. “Anchorite”

    Augury is:

    Patrick Loisel – Vocals, Guitars
    Mathieu Marcotte (Humanoid) – Guitars
    Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (First Fragment, ex-Beyond Creation) – Bass
    Antoine Baril (Contemplator) – Drums

    [via Decibel]