Audiotopsy release “L.Y.L.A.B.” music video

The music video for Audiotopsy’s track “L.Y.L.A.B.” has premiered and can be seen here courtesy of Bloody Disgusting. Drummer Matt McDonough said of the clip:

“In keeping with the DIY philosophy of Audiotopsy, we took upon ourselves the task to create our own video for the track “L.Y.L.A.B.” We enlisted our close confidantes, Adam Neal Gonzales for filming-directing, and Terry Linder for post production. Their skill and dedication shines in the end result. We share a deep sense of pride and accomplishment in the work on this video. And we are excited to now have the opportunity to share our vision with you.”

The group’s debut album, Natural Causes, is out now on Napalm Records. Copies can be picked up via the label here (EU) and here (U.S.), and on iTunes.