Audio stream: Thetan – “Null And Void”

Band: Thetan
Song: “Null And Void”
Album: Abysmal
Release Date: February 1st, 2019
Label: Anti-Corporate Music

Streaming exclusively via Decibel.

The group said of the new track:

“This song was recorded on two separate occasions. The first version has a long intro and the words are a little different. Nobody may ever hear that version. You’re welcome. The context of the song has everything to do with how we interact in the 21st century. We have grown to be incredibly withdrawn, cynical people. I am guilty of this as well. As communication evolves into a more open forum, instant validation from strangers takes presence over inter-personal relationships. We hold so much of ourselves back in fear of not being accepted by a mass of people who we may never meet face to face. In return, we are drip fed bits and pieces of insight into celebrity lives so that we have something to aspire to be, while losing focus of the people we actually are. Bullshit goes in, and Bullshit comes out.”