Audio stream: Moab – “Into The Sea Swine”

Band: Moab
Song: “Into The Sea Swine”
Album: Trough
Release Date: October 19th, 2018
Label: Falling Dome Records

Vocalist/guitarist Andrew Giacumakis commented:

“We wanted to include this song on the album as it represents an early chapter in the band’s history. We tracked this song back in like 2009, but it was never completed for one reason or another. It’s a more straightforward sound as it’s a live take and Erik’s drumming is top notch. We thought it fitting to finish the song, add a few touches and include it on Trough.”


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  • Trough track listing:

    1. “Skeptics Lament”
    2. “Into The Sea Swine”
    3. “All Automatons”
    4. “Moss Grows Where No One Goes”
    5. “The Onus”
    6. “Medieval Moan”
    7. “Fifty Thousand Tons”
    8. “The Will Is Weak”
    9. “Turnin’ Slow”
    10. “Fend For Dawn”

    [via Metal Injection]