Audio stream: BLOODYMINDED – “The Future State Of The Body”

Photo by: Carmelo Española

Song: “The Future State Of The Body”
Release Date: May 31st, 2019

Founder Mark Solotroff said of the single:

“For me, ‘The Future State Of The Body’ cuts right to the core of the  central themes of our new album: Who we are; what our body, our mind, and our personality represent; how we fit into the world around us; the physical world of people and places, of architecture and infrastructure; the digital world we increasingly become altered by and abstracted in. Our desires. Our potential. Our limitations. What we realize we’ve become…”


BLOODYMINDED track listing:

  1. “Precise Surfaces”
  2. “Tunneling”
  3. “Infinite Recession”
  4. “Rapid Breath”
  5. “The Self And The Sublime”
  6. “Flooded Interiors”
  7. “The Future State Of The Body”
  8. “Essential Humanity”
  9. “Strident”
  10. “Hold Every Dear Thing Tightly”
  11. “The Pace Of Our Development”
  12. “Degrees Of Order”

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