Atrocity drop video for new song “Shadowtaker”

Band: Atrocity
Song: “Shadowtaker”
Album: Okkult II
Release Date: July 6th, 2018
Label: Massacre Records

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  • Okkult II track listing:

    1. “Masters Of Darkness”
    2. “Shadowtaker”
    3. “Bloodshed And Triumph”
    4. “Spell Of Blood”
    5. “Menschenschlachthaus”
    6. “Gates To Oblivion”
    (feat. Marc Grewe)
    7. “Infernal Sabbath”
    8. “All Men Must Die”
    9. “Phantom Ghost”
    10. “Devil’s Covenant”
    (feat. L.G. Petrov)
    11. “The Golden Dawn”