As A Conceit stream new album, Frown Upon Us, in its entirety

As A Conceit are streaming their new record Frown Upon Us, listen below courtesy of Prog Sphere. The band elaborate on the full-length:

Frown Upon Us sings about the struggle of the human nature. We, among the others, try to cope with the absence of reference points, ready to face the nothingness that’s waiting for us on the other side. It’s about oppression, about injustice and coarse reality that nullifies hope. Alternating the heaviness of researched guitar riffs and sharp vocals with punchy gang choruses and drifting interludes we tried to achieve the perfect balance to entertain the listener while sharing our burden under the shape of a clear message: we are all doomed.”

The album is official out now on Famined Records and available for purchase through, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Frown Upon Us track listing:

1. “Boneheads”
2. “Hindered”
3. “Idle Hands”
(feat. Philip Strand)
4. “Running Tired”
5. “Modern Day Heroes”
6. “Autunno”
7. “Fight For Crumbs”
8. “Initiatory Path”
9. “The Deep End”
10. “A Should With A Must”