As A Conceit premiere new single “Running Tired”


As A Conceit have debuted a new song from their forthcoming album Frown Upon Us, titled “Running Tired”. In a collective statement, the band said of the single:

“The lyrics of ‘Running Tired’ are about the burden of life we all are carrying, dealing with the feeling of having lost all hopes and letting ourselves go down in a spiral of self-abandonment and detachment from this reality as we’re living it, with a nihilist point of view based on the disillusion we get once we realize we exist without any superior purpose and that our lives are all going to end the same, no matter what we do or achieve during the span of our short existence!”

Famined Records will be releasing the effort on December 2nd. Pre-orders can be purchased at, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Frown Upon Us track listing:

1. “Boneheads”
2. “Hindered”
3. “Idle Hands”
(feat. Philip Strand)
4. “Running Tired”
5. “Modern Day Heroes”
6. “Autunno”
7. “Fight For Crumbs”
8. “Initiatory Path”
9. “The Deep End”
10. “A Should With A Must”


[via Prog Sphere]