Artificial Language announce debut album The Observer, stream new song “These Aren’t Mirages”

Prog rockers Artificial Language will be releasing their debut full-length The Observer on April 28th. A music video for the record’s third track, “These Aren’t Mirages”, recently hit and is available below. Secure your copy ahead of time and get an instant download of the aforementioned single as a instant grat track by through iTunes.

The Observer track listing:

1. “Observer”
2. “The Grand Skeptic”
3. “THese Aren’t Mirages”
4. “Unself Portrait”
5. “The Silver Chord”
6. “Change”
7. “Playing The River”
8. “Dirty Hands”
9. “Fortune Teller”
10. “Mazes”
11. “Turn Off The Pictures”

Artificial Language is:

Shay Lewis – Vocals
Victor Corral – Guitar
Charlie Robbins – Guitar
Joshua Riojas – Bass
Jonathon Simpson – Keyboards
Jeron Schapanksy – Drums