Area 11’s Modern Synthesis lands on UK charts

Area11 1

Photo by: Elliott Ingham

Official press release:

Bristol’s four-piece genre-fluid, alt-rock band Area 11 have been making waves with the recent release of their Modern Synthesis via Cooking Vinyl on July 1, 2016.

A blast of multiple musical styles of rock, hardcore, pop, and punk and melding into a blast of exuberance, their brand of frenetic rock has taken over the UK Billboard Charts, landing #27 in the Album Charts, #2 in UK Rock & Metal, #9 in UK Independent Artist Chart, and #10 in the UK Vinyl Chart. The media has been equally as excited with Rocksound chiming, “When Area 11 cut loose, they deliver some irresistible earworms,” and Alex Baker of Kerrang! Radio’s Fresh Blood proclaiming, “It’s a mad old mix, but my god does it work!”

Purchase the album here.

Modern Synthesis track listing:

1. “Override”
2. “The Contract”
3. “Watchmaker”
4. “Versus”
5. “Processor”
6. “Red Queen”
7. “Angel Lust”
8. “The Life Of A Ghost”
9. “After The Flags”
10. “Nebula”
11. “Panacea And The Prelogue”

Area11 3

Area 11 is:

Sparkles – vocals/synth
Alex Parvis – guitar
Jonathan Kogan – bass
Leo Taylor – drums