ARCANA 13 stream cover of Goblin’s “Suspiria”

Occult rock/doom outfit ARCANA 13’s debut Danza Macabra is just a week away from it’s release – the album hits shelves Friday, March 11th on Aural Music. The effort comes with a cover of Italian prog-rocker band Goblin’s “Suspiria” , the theme for director/producer/screenwriter Dario Argento’s 1977 film of the same name. ARCANA 13’s rendition saw it’s debut last week along with a video featuring footage from the film; check it out above courtesy of New Noise Magazine. The band comments:

“Italian horror equals Dario Argento equals Suspiria. That’s it, the rest is history; nothing more to add. When we started our journey into Italian horror, the very first melody we jammed on was the immortal theme of this unparalleled movie. In front of this colorful, psychedelic masterpiece we couldn’t just cover the quintessential Goblin’s piece of art, we needed to tribute and transform it into our sound. To top it off, we laid down the wall of synths with the invaluable help of ARCANA 13’s fifth hidden member, our brother Steve. When he’s not busy with his fierce deathpunk gang Hierophant, he becomes the wizard of our eerie and purely analogue synths and keyboards! Questo respiro, non puoi più dimenticarlo…!”

Pre-orders can be purchased through Aural Music’s webstore at this location.