ARCANA 13 – “Hell Behind You” video

The music video for Italian occult doom band ARCANA 13’s track “Hell Behind You” is now available online and can be viewed above. The clip is made up of footage of Dario Argento’s 1980 film Inferno. Vocalist/guitarist Simone Bertozzi comments:

Inferno by Dario Argento. Do I need to say more? This movie is simply majestic on so many levels and one of my personal favorite of all time; such a supernatural horror classic. Not many know that Argento got very sick with hepatitis while shooting and invited his mentor, the legendary Mario Bava, to step over and help him with some scenes like unforgettable the underwater ballroom one and also some optical effects.

We opened Danza Macabra with Mario Bava’s Mask Of Satan and closing it with the Argento/Bava masterpiece Inferno was the natural choice, pairing it with one of the most epic songs of the whole album: ‘Hell Behind You’. It’s intense, gloomy and evocative with its swinging groove and Black Sabbathy interlude. Dutiful mention to the genius that wrote the incredible soundtrack of Inferno: Keith Emerson. He sadly passed away the very day Danza Macabra was released, March 11th. This one goes to you, Keith. Rest in peace.”

The song is taken from the group’s debut LP Danza Macabra, out now on Aural Music. Copies can be picked up here.

[via The Obelisk]