Årabrot stream new effort Who Do You Love

Band: Årabrot
Album: Who Do You Love
Release Date: September 7th, 2018
Label: Pelagic Records

Issues bandleader Kjetil Nernes:

“I walk forty-seven miles of barbed wire; I use a cobra-snake for a necktie; I got a brand new house on the roadside; Made from rattlesnake hide; I got a brand new chimney made on topl Made out of a human skull; Now come on take a walk with me; And tell me, who do you love?”


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  • Nerve Gas (AU)
  • Digital options
  • Who Do You Love track listing:

    1. “Maldoror’s Love”
    2. “The Dome”
    3. “Warning”
    4. “Pygmalion”
    5. “Serpents”
    6. “Sinnerman”
    7. “Look Daggers”
    8. “A Sacrifice”
    9. “Sons And Daughters”
    10. “Uniform Of A Killer”

    [via New Noise Magazine]