AntropomorphiA streaming new album Sermon Ov Wrath

AntropomorphiA‘s new album Sermon Ov Wrath is now streaming in its entirety and can be heard below. The effort officially dropped yesterday via Metal Blade Records and is available for purchase at

The group’s music video for their song “Murmur Ov The Dead” also premiered yesterday. Check it out below following the album stream.

Sermon Ov Wrath track listing:

1. “Sermon Ov Wrath”
2. “Supiria De Profundis”
3. “Murmur Ov The Dead”
4. “Ad Me Venite Mortui”
5. “Crown Ov The Dead”
6. “Sinful Rapture”
7. “Within Her Pale Tomb Ov Putrid Lust”
8. “The Blistering Splendour Ov Darkness”
9. “In Bestial Decadence”