Animals As Leaders streaming new album The Madness Of Many

Instrumentalists Animals As Leaders have unleashed their latest full-length of mind-bending, djent-y delight today. The Madness Of Many is now available for both streaming and purchase. The former can be done below, while the latter can be accomplishing by visiting one of the following links: Killer Merch, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play.

The group are now on tour in support of the album with Intervals and PLINI. Get the dates here.

The Madness Of Many track listing:

1. “Arithmorphobia”
2. “Ectogenesis”
3. “Cognitive Contortions”
4. “Inn Assassins”
5. “Private Visions Of The World”
6. “Backpfeifengesicht”
7. “Transcentience”
8. “The Glass Bridge”
9. “The Brain Dance”
10. “Aperiophobia”