…And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers re-released as new limited, revised edition

Official press release:

A limited, revised edition of the out-of-print book …And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers has been released via publisher Dark Canvas.

The book features more than 450 images of album covers and recounts the stories behind the making of them. Some of the covers include Slayer’s Reign In Blood, Metallica’s …And Justice For All, Death’s Symbolic, Carcass’ Heartwork and more. The stories are told through 105 interviews with many of the musicians such as Jeff Walker of Carcass, Charlie Benante of Anthrax, Chris Adler of Lamb Of God, David Vincent of Morbid Angel, and Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation among others.

Additionally, the book’s Revised Edition also features new revealing commentaries by Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Kelly Schaefer (Atheist), Neige (Alcest) and by critically acclaimed illustrators such as Michael Whelan, Eliran Kantor, Dan Seagrave, Joe Petagno, Arik Roper and Travis Smith, just to name a few.

The constant demand and new material motivated author Ramon Oscuro Martos to create the new edition. He comments:

“I didn’t want to just re-print the same book again. I had new material available. So, I decided to introduce some changes that definitely bring something new to the table while keeping intact the essence of previous edition. It’s still the same book… but dramatically improved and updated.”

You can get the new edition now by following this link.