Alpha Wolf release video for new single “Golden Fate; Water Break”

Alpha Wolf have premiered the video for their latest single “Golden Fate; Water Break”. Frontman Aidan Ellaz explains:

‘Golden Fate; Water Break’ is the fraternal twin of coming to terms with loss. Unlike it’s sister, ‘Gut Ache’, ‘Water Break’ is the cold river in which you fall into unexpectedly only to feel one thing. Shock. You cannot accept what has happened, and everything shifts from black and white so suddenly. Because of this it can cause your perception of the events to be distorted and almost unreal. There is only the vast emptiness. Specifically with this track, losing someone you love. The numbness and discarded desire to move on. For some, that feeling is irreparable and they aren’t strong enough to live another day. As you break into the water. There isn’t time to register it. Because there is no registering it at all.”

The group’s new record Mono arrives this Friday via Greyscale Records. Pre-orders can be found here.