All That Remains premiere two new tracks: “Madness” and “Safe House”

Massachusetts metallers All That Remains have debuted two new singles off their forthcoming studio album. Titled “Madness” and “Safe House”, the songs premiered through SiriusXM, listen below. Vocalist Philip Labonte has issued statements on the inspiration behind the pair. Discussing “Madness”, Labonte said:

“People tend to kind of get into kind of ruts in their lives or into patterns, and they keep doing the same thing over and over, even though it doesn’t produce the results they’re hoping for.

You can see a lot of societal cycles where nations just keep doing the same kind of stuff over, and it doesn’t always have great results. But still, it seems like a good idea.

So, that’s kind of the idea is like human beings, whether you’re talking about individuals or large groups, they get into these kinds of cycles of repetitive things that can be really destructive, and so that’s kind of what I’m thinking, that’s what ‘madness’ is.”

Of “Safe House”, he comments:

“The idea behind it was like, you know, what if like Dexter wasn’t a forensic guy for the police but was a dude that just kind of set his house up so that it invited home invasion, and he used that as his excuse for smoking people? Kind of like it leads the character into the house and into a place where [Dexter] can get away with killing people.”

Check back for further details on the band’s forthcoming album. The effort is tentatively looking at a spring release.