Alexi Laiho plans to work on new Children Of Bodom due to canceled tour

With news of the recently canceled Machine Head tour, many were left wondering what the other bands on the bill would be doing. Well, Children Of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho took to Facebook to deliver a message to fans on the Finnish melodic metal outfit’s plans:

“Top of the morning ladies and gentlemen..well i gotta tell you straight out that this is not a good day. Im sure some of you already know that our north american tour with machine head has officially been canceled, without any fault of our own i might add. I will not go into details on why or what happened but i need you, my friends to know that this had nothing to do with me or cob.
Two days ago i was on the top of the world with my ride and stoked to get out there, crank out metal and raise hell with you guys but today i look like this(i think i managed to take a”selfie”hahaThats alexi being bummed the fuck out at 9am) yesterday that motherfucker(my car that is) over heated and almost left me on the side of the road and 3hrs later i found out that the tour was canceled.funny how life works huh?But hey u know what?
Shit fuckin happens, life goes on and at least now we have an extra month and a half to write new cob shit so instead of focusing on the negative,im gonna start to write music this very second and it will be some angry shit but yea, i guess this is me apologizing on everyone’s behalf that we let you down.
On a happier note i will have a few live performances on my own(will let u know about that later), happening this year so i will see some of you soon!! Lets keep our horns up and try to laugh at fuckin everything and everyone including ourselves at least once a day! Deal?”

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely OK with a new Bodom record in the works. I just hope that when Machine Head does reschedule the tour that the original lineup for the tour is free to take part in it. It was yet another tour featuring the diversity that exists in modern metal today.