Album stream: Gridfailure & Megalophobe – Dendritic

Gridfailure and Megalophobe are streaming their collaboration record Dendritic in its entirety, take it in below. The artists issued the following of the effort:

“This album happened incredibly naturally and unexpectedly, that the Dendritic concept only came together after all of the music was completely finished. Simultaneously, this new government administration literally eviscerated the EPA, and the idea to plant trees in conjunction with the release of the album during the same weeks as Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Science Day was an easy decision. Gridfailure & Megalophobe will enact additional environmental conservation practices with our other upcoming releases; we have halfway recorded a second collaborative album, we have a third in the conceptual phase, and we will be taking these tunes to the stage this year.”

The album is due in stores this Friday, April 28th, which happens to be Arbor Day. A fitting release date, as the artists are planting trees in conjunction with the record’s release, in an effort to help the environment. Pre-orders of Dendritic can be secured here and here.

Dendritic track listing:

1. “Niche Differentiation”
2. “Opportunistic Twilight Predation”
3. “Phantom Climate”
4. “A Corpse At Every Funeral”
5. “Die Feindlichen Alchemisten mit Glocken”
6. “Divergence On A Finite Domain”
7. “An Ode Across Dimensions”
8. “Coils Of Rope Still Sway From The Timbers”

[via New Noise Magazine]