AKASAVA detail new album Nothing At Dawn

Akasava 1

Official press release:

French occult rockers AKASAVA have unveiled the artwork and track list of their upcoming debut album.

Entitled Nothing At Dawn, the album – which is scheduled to be released later this year via Nordavind Records – promises to be an exciting mix of heavy rock with spacy and proggy moments wrapped in a doomed landscape.

The artwork – which came from the mind of Michele Carnielli – and the tracklist can be confirmed below:

Nothing At Dawn track listing:

1. “Season Of The Poet”
2. “The Devil’s Tide”
3. “Assembly Of Fools”
4. “Pyramid’s Eyes”
5. “Zora The Traveller”
6. “Solitude Of The Goat”
7. “Astral Truth”
8. “Nothing At Dawn”

Akasava 2