Ahtme stream The Demonization in its entirety

Tech-death quintet Ahtme (formerly The Roman Holiday) have issued a full-album stream of their latest offering The Demonization. Originally released in 2013, the record is now receiving a proper release through Unique Leader Records. The band said of the record:

“When we hit the studio to lay down The Demonization in 2009, we really wanted to come away with something that emulates the aggression and ferocity that we feel play huge roles in our live performances and what we walked away with was exactly that. We really focused on making the music angry, fast, and most importantly groovy, and the vocals absolutely follow suit. We all threw in our two cents and the lyrical themes span a pretty vast subject field touching a lot on religion, personal psychedelic experiences, and just the overall absurdity of what life on present day earth has come to. The Demonization is an excellent introduction into what we as Ahtme have come to embody.”

The Demonization dropped yesterday and can be picked up here.

The Demonization track listing:

1. “A New Fire”
2. “James’ Penis (Lyseria)”
3. “Trainwreck”
4. “The Sentinel’s Order”
5. “The Demonization”
6. “Defeat Zeke”
7. “Synaptic Disconnection”
8. “Ream Dream”
9. “Humanity Laid To Rest”
10. “Blood Turned To Saline”

Ahtme 2

[via Decibel]